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Sustainability - The Latest CSR buzzword



Corporate Sustainability is all about conducting business in the present that won't impact negatively on future generations.Think of it as a delicate CSR 'balancing act' consisting of three distinct goals, which according to are:

  1. Environmental Protection
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Economic Practice

It means taking into consideration EVERY dimension of how a business operates on a social, cultural, economic and environmental level. Whether in relation to your business impact on the environment, local community or employees, sustainability is where its at when discussing CSR. It gives you three key ingredients to look at, and plenty of scope in which to adopt them. Right now, the business world is ALL about sustainability. We've come through the recession, but millennial employees won't be forgetting the struggles of the past decade any time soon. Give them something to rely on, and an employee to trust.

Future-proof your business with CSR policies for each of the above goals. Don't overemphasises your environmental impact, or your employee schemes. Chose a variety of adaptable and sustainable policies that can withstand the test of time, that show you have your finger on the button when it comes to what's what in the CSR world.

The following article also gives an insight into Corporate Sustainability and how to make it a success for you.



Corporate Reputation Planning

“You don't have to fear your own company being perceived as human. You want it. People don't trust companies; they trust people.” 
 Stan Slap

There is a lot to be said for corporate reputation building, it is much more than simple reputation 'management'. The strength lies in the foundations; build yourself a good corporate reputation, and it can last a lifetime. The trouble is figuring out how to start. Here are a few simple tips for planning your corporate reputation, why this is so important, and how we can help.

  1. Companies that care, care.

We at Yellow Harbour work with companies who want to increase employee well being and engagement, give back to communities and do good on a national and international level. CSR strategies and corporate reputations need to rely on a simple foundation that the company DOES care. Don't use CSR as a mask. Find out what your employees care about and how they want to give back, and build from that. This not only helps them feel involved and important, but will show everyone else your company didn't just suddenly panic and jump on the CSR bandwagon. Care about the CSR strategies you are building.

2. Prepare to Fail if you Fail to Prepare.

You did the research. You know what would work best for your company and what your employees want. The local community is about to benefit from your CSR strategy. Plan it out. Find the appropriate experts who can help if they are not already available to you. Their expertise will prove honest, unbiased and invaluable. Corporate reputation planning needs a variety of inputs from several people, and often an outsider holds the key in letting you know if the CSR strategies in place are truly beneficial. Nobody want to realise three years down the line their reputation management was all just smoke and mirrors. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to find out more about employee volunteering programmes, as well as other CSR strategies that would best suit your business

3. Reputations require time to build

Patience is a virtue. A good plan to build a positive company reputation needs to extend beyond the Christmas charity donations. Be patient, and keep on top of the strategies in place that will, in time, serve to show the world that your business has steadily built a positive corporate reputation based on its care and dedication to CSR within the company.


Make sure your CSR strategy can stand the test of time and watch it flourish.



#LoveSMEs -Yellow Harbour are up for an SME Award!

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Picture Source:

This week the gang at Yellow Harbour received some wonderful news - that we are nominated in the New Business- Services Category for the 2016 Irish SME awards.

Following on from our nomination for the Cork Chamber of the Year Awards, we are thrilled to have been shortlisted once again in such a short space of time for yet another great Irish accolade.

This is the second year of the awards, and last year saw businesses such as One Man and His Van and  Fernhill House Hotel crowned winners. It's a great time to be starting a business in Ireland as people are really beginning to look to support local ventures, so if you're thinking of doing so, do it!

We want to wish all nominees, and especially our fellow New Business category nominees the best of luck. There are some really great Irish companies being recognised this year by Blacknight Solutions, and we cannot wait until the 16th of April when all winners will be revealed.



Random Acts of Kindness, Let's Make it a Year Round Venture.

Last week marked 'Random Acts of Kindness Week', a week in which people all over the world were encouraged to do nice things for one another, just because. Described by the Irish Mirror as our "yearly reminder to be nice", RAK Week is in place to allow us to act generously and selflessly toward strangers, because we have an excuse.

"Sure it's Random Acts of Kindness Week, don't worry about it"

"We did this really nice thing in work today where we were told to say one kind thing to one another, because its Random Acts of Kindness Week"

But why is it so bad to think that hey, maybe we could just do nice things for each other all year long?

Yes, doing selfless and good deeds the past week for one another has no doubt left you feeling better mentally, but why wait until RAK week 2017 to get those endorphins again? Some of the suggestions by the Irish Mirror for example, really wouldn't be too tedious to incorporate into your daily life. For example, would it be so bad to "smile at someone on the street" the other 51 weeks of the year?

We previously suggested giving back for Lent instead of giving up, and now we really want to encourage this:


Commit acts of kindness everyday. They need not be monetary, nor just for strangers. Compliment someone. Make the coffees. Take out the bins. Decide to volunteer for a cause you care about. U Magazine have some other great suggestions, so be inspired. Kindness should not be random, nor celebrated for a mere 2% of the year.  The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation are striving to make 2016 the year of kindness.

And so are we.