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Sustainability - The Latest CSR buzzword



Corporate Sustainability is all about conducting business in the present that won't impact negatively on future generations.Think of it as a delicate CSR 'balancing act' consisting of three distinct goals, which according to are:

  1. Environmental Protection
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Economic Practice

It means taking into consideration EVERY dimension of how a business operates on a social, cultural, economic and environmental level. Whether in relation to your business impact on the environment, local community or employees, sustainability is where its at when discussing CSR. It gives you three key ingredients to look at, and plenty of scope in which to adopt them. Right now, the business world is ALL about sustainability. We've come through the recession, but millennial employees won't be forgetting the struggles of the past decade any time soon. Give them something to rely on, and an employee to trust.

Future-proof your business with CSR policies for each of the above goals. Don't overemphasises your environmental impact, or your employee schemes. Chose a variety of adaptable and sustainable policies that can withstand the test of time, that show you have your finger on the button when it comes to what's what in the CSR world.

The following article also gives an insight into Corporate Sustainability and how to make it a success for you.



Lend a Hand For Lent.

Lent is approaching this week, and already folks are discussing the usual giving up of sweets, cigarettes and alcohol for the next six weeks. Yes, all of this will come with both health and financial benefits, but how about giving back instead of just taking away?

Make a promise that in the next six weeks, you are going to commit to something for the better to benefit the community. Start training for that marathon, or organise a table quiz for a cause that matters. Don't simply make Lent about depriving yourself, take these six weeks as a chance to impact positively on others.

Why not have a look at some of our registered charities and volunteer for them? Some Irish charities need helping hands, not just handouts. Each charity lists what their volunteer needs are on their Yellow Harbour link. So no matter what you have to offer, you can make a difference.

You won't regret it, and at least it makes giving in and tucking into all those Creme Eggs around week three feel justified.