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Latest HR Trends Taking the Workplace by Storm

The Workplace is an ever changing environment and its important to always understanding what's good for your business and how to reach the maximum potential of all internal resources.

Data, data and more data!

The ability to collect, process and analyse "big data" is becoming a crucial factor in identifying and managing the challenges of business life cycles. Businesses are using data to analyse everything, from making smarter decisions in talent management to predicting future challenges within the business. With all the technology available today businesses need to consider how they best apply the proper analysis and provide proper interpretations to drive meaningful decisions.


Employee Engagement

Increasingly, organisations are focusing on improving their employee engagement to drive better performance. According to the Mandrake report, employee engagement is strongly connected to business outcomes essential to an organisation's financial success, such as productivity, profitability and customer engagement.

Change in Employee Performance Reviews

Many organisations are moving to a structure focused on ongoing conversations with a one-size-fits-one ideology between  managers and employees that encourages development. Their current performance management approach drives neither employee engagement nor high performance and is of no significant benefit to the business or employee as  improvement is limited. The objective of this approach is to have more regular communication between the upper and lower tiers within an organisation and provide more personalised feedback to gain the most from their employees.

More Millennials

While much has been made of the retiring Baby Boomers, on the other end of the spectrum is the growth of the Millennials. According to Deloitte's research, Millennials will account for nearly half the global workforce by 2020. In some companies, they already constitute a majority. Organisations that want to attract and retain fresh talent will need to recruit this cohort of digital natives and ensure that their journey through hiring and on boarding is supported through mobile and social platforms.


Treating employees as individuals and not as part of a group or team is becoming a visible trend. When performance can be measured and connected to individuals, top performers seem to perform 5-10 times better than average. Performance measurement is an enormous opportunity for HR. If HR can find ways to measure real performance, and can improve the detection of potential top performers, the business impact can be huge. Many organisations are moving to a structure focused on ongoing conversations between a managers and employees that encourages development. With big data analysis it has become easier to detect and predict individual preferences of employees, and organisations can act on the insights with tailored programs and interventions.

Back to Brick and Mortar

The advice to employees used to be: work from home and only come to the office when it was necessary or you needed to meet people. A returning trend is organisations sayings 'Please come to the office'. Organisations have found their employees that work from home are lonelier and do not have an invested interest in the success of the organisation. Employees that are more engaged in the organisation tend to want the business to succeed.



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