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Random Acts of Kindness, Let's Make it a Year Round Venture.

Last week marked 'Random Acts of Kindness Week', a week in which people all over the world were encouraged to do nice things for one another, just because. Described by the Irish Mirror as our "yearly reminder to be nice", RAK Week is in place to allow us to act generously and selflessly toward strangers, because we have an excuse.

"Sure it's Random Acts of Kindness Week, don't worry about it"

"We did this really nice thing in work today where we were told to say one kind thing to one another, because its Random Acts of Kindness Week"

But why is it so bad to think that hey, maybe we could just do nice things for each other all year long?

Yes, doing selfless and good deeds the past week for one another has no doubt left you feeling better mentally, but why wait until RAK week 2017 to get those endorphins again? Some of the suggestions by the Irish Mirror for example, really wouldn't be too tedious to incorporate into your daily life. For example, would it be so bad to "smile at someone on the street" the other 51 weeks of the year?

We previously suggested giving back for Lent instead of giving up, and now we really want to encourage this:


Commit acts of kindness everyday. They need not be monetary, nor just for strangers. Compliment someone. Make the coffees. Take out the bins. Decide to volunteer for a cause you care about. U Magazine have some other great suggestions, so be inspired. Kindness should not be random, nor celebrated for a mere 2% of the year.  The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation are striving to make 2016 the year of kindness.

And so are we.