What Is Board Training & Support?

Yellow Harbour’s Board Support and Training provides your non-for-profit with knowledge and expertise of officers’ and directors’

duties and aids your organisation in developing skills in working on boards or management committees. The aim of this training is to equip you and your team to become proficient with your non-profit board’s role and to examine the law, equity and statutory duties of officers and directors, which will enable you to then work in conjunction with the board in a meaningful and

Board Training & Support Aims To:


Outline the role of the governance framework in defining duties and responsibilities of officers,directors and the board


Review the role and responsibilities of the board or management committee and recognise the
different structures and composition of boards


Examine the common law, equity and statutory duties that apply to officers and directors


Appreciate the importance of the role and responsibilities of the board secretary

How To Get Started With Board Training & Support With Yellow Harbour

Our team of experts are ready to work with your organisation and help you gain the skills needed to navigate the world of working on and with boards.

Getting started is easy! Reachout to us today and we can discuss your needs and requirements so we can work together to build bespoke processes that work best for your charity.