Successfully managing a not-for-profit organisation in today’s complex environment isn’t easy.  Every day you juggle multiple priorities, trying to balance the urgency of day-to-day activities and demands against the importance of achieving your not for profit's mission and serving your community.

This is where it’s easy to lose focus – and where Yellow Harbour can help.  

Outsourcing the strategy preparation gives you a broader view of both your not for profit’s capability and potential.

Yellow Harbour can deliver a thorough process that will create or update your not for profit’s strategy. A strategy that will inform your growth targets, analyze your business model and help you decide where best to invest for the benefit of your not for profit.

Whether you’re trying to accurately project future needs for financial and human resources, or create and implement a leadership succession plan, or start a visionary new program or service, or tackle some other strategic project that requires your precious time and attention, Yellow Harbour can help.

To make an enquiry about how Yellow Harbour might be able to assist you in your strategy development, please click below.