A Yellow Harbour Solution for Fundraising Success

1 Vision is a service developed specifically to support Charities and Non-Profit organisations who are looking to hire Fundraising Specialists but who don’t have the resources to compete with larger charities and secure top-class personnel at an affordable cost.

1 vision is a service offered by Yellow Harbour that not only gives your charity Best in Class fundraising personnel, but also provides, as part of the service, a team that comprises of seasoned researchers, data analysts and campaign specialists to ensure that you meet and grow your fundraising targets.  With the benefit of it being a contracted service, your charity does not have to worry about all the challenges and risks around employing one person to execute all the requirements required to consistently hit target.

To make an enquiry about how Yellow Harbour might be able to assist you in growing and managing your Fundraising Income contact Louise or David today on info@yellowharbour.com.

How does 1 Vision work?

It works on the 5 P Principle

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Without a plan, the chances of success are limited (and this feeds into why the average tenure of Fundraisers within the Non-Profit sector is 18-months).

1 Vision works on a tried and tested methodology:

Step 1:                Comprehensive Fundraising Audit which will define your Core Value Proposition (CVP) and set out the foundations of your Fundraising Strategy

Step 2:                Develop Strategic Fundraising Plan, specific to the individual needs and requirements of your charity

Step 3:                The Plan is reviewed and subsequently signed off at Senior Management / Board Level

Step 4:                Set up IT infrastructure (CRM & web-based cloud services)

Step 5:                Implementation and execution of the Fundraising Plan

What does it cost?

Sustainability is the key.

From the moment you engage 1 vision, a strategic Fundraising Plan is developed and put in place and over the course of the engagement, fundraising milestones are typically achieved from short term targets in year one to your overall long-term targets achieved by 24 – 36-month period that a minimum return on investment will be a 3:1 ratio.